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Happiness begins with you.

About Happiness

It’s easy to forget that living a happy life takes intention and practice. You can only achieve joy and fulfillment in all areas of life when you build your life on the foundation of who you are.
You are the source of your own happiness and by training your happiness muscle daily and setting smart goals you can live your happiness.
By learning about and connecting with yourself, you'll get the incredible experience of creating a more joyful, balanced and positive life for yourself.

happiness means

being authentic in all your emotions


About Nina

My name is Nina Vossschulte and I'm a certified Happiness Coach, Mentor and lifelong Happiness Student on a mission to help you find your happiness.
I've been researching the topic of happiness for more than 10 years now and have since learned that this is completely unique to every person. What may work for one, does not work for another! There's simply no one size fits all! And that's why the book on happiness that I'm currently working on, focuses on you as an individual. I'm passionate about sharing my findings and empowering you to find your happiness! And as happiness is a process, an ongoing journey, something that changes throughout life, we'll be lifelong students together! 

7 Fun Facts 

  1. I was unhappy once and I don't believe anyone has to live this way - that's why YourHappyProject came to life in 2015.
  2. I've lost more than 30 kilos in one year, because I finally wanted to live a healthier and happier life.
  3. During my career I've worked for companies such as BMW, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon and LinkedIn. Now I work for a smaller European software company together with great colleagues. We call ourselves good-natured ass-kickers! 
  4. I've lived on every continent except for Antarctica: Nigeria, Africa, Taipeh, Taiwan, Virginia, USA, Monterrey, Mexico , Dublin, Ireland, and in a number of cities in Germany.
  5. I married my husband 8 months into our relationship and it's still the best decision I've ever made.
  6. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series and I've read the series at least 3 times,
  7. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

what happiness is to me

  1. Journaling
    I have a journal that I write in every day before my day starts: things I'm grateful for and things that inspire happiness in me. I also ask myself one question each day: Does what I'm doing today really make me happy?
    Journaling and reflecting puts me in the right frame of mind for my day ahead!
  2. Love and Compassion
    Loving myself and others, as well as treating people compassionately without judgement or comparison.
    Showing appreciation and gratitude for everyone in my life.
    We're all beautiful and unique if we dare to be our authentic selves! 
  3. Personal Development
    I'll be a lifelong learner always on the lookout for the next inspirational podcast to listen to, selected online content, new studies or a great course. But also the next motivational nonfiction book or special novel to get lost in, which will teach me something wonderfully new about life!
  4. Connection
    Spending time with family, friends, and people that I love, who inspire me, people that lift me up and with whom I can share new experiences and discover the world.
    Human connections are my drug and what keeps me motivated to do what I do every single day!
  5. Happiness is an inside job
    My happiness depends only on myself and it's up to me to make that magic happen every single day. 

I look forward to getting to know you!




Happiness Coaching

what to expect

Get your personal happiness accountability partner and inspirational cheerleader and start your own Happy Project today!

Happiness Coaching is about empowering you to go past the point where you would normally give up on yourself or your dreams. Beyond the point of where it gets difficult.

I will support you in creating a happier life for yourself! 

Happiness Coaching

  • Included in a 3 months package: 1x 90 minute goal setting session, after that 5x bi-weekly 60 minute sessions, email support during sessions.

  • We will create inspirational and measurable goals based on what you'd like to achieve during our time together.

  • Get access to transformational worksheets as needed.

  • Book your free chat today to find out if we're a good fit!

Career Coaching

Available per hour (90 minutes)​

Individual packages available on request

Potential topics:

  • Figure out what career path is the right one for you

  • Learn about your own strengths

  • Find the right job for you

  • Stand out with an extraordinary CV 

  • Write a great cover letter

  • How to be confident in interviews

  • What questions to ask during the interview process 

Book your free chat today to find out if we're a good fit!

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